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Dakota’s comments about her shoot:

Hello! im Dakota, your small town babe from Massachusetts! You’d never even be able to find it on a map! In my free time i love doing art such as digital art, painting and embroidery. I play instruments (piano, ukulele and guitar) and create music. I have always loved dancing and theater. I’ve been dancing since was really young and I’ve done many genres such as tap, jazz, ballet and modern. I enjoy going out with my friends and trying new things, I especially enjoy trying new food when I’m traveling .i dream about traveling to Europe and living in a van for a year while eating, learning and having fun. Countries id especially like to visit are Greece, France, Sweden, Amsterdam, as well as the UK. When I come back, I plan on going to school for dance and becoming a professional dance teacher. I want to choreograph dances and buy my own dance studio. I really hope all of you enjoy my update. Shout out to Lia for making me feel so loved and supported and letting me express my creativity. I never get to do that.

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