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Paola’s comments about her shoot:

Hi<) I'm Brazillian yeah but I was born in Virginia and I lived here all my life. My mom and dad are from Brazil and they're divorced now. My mom is actually getting eye surgery back in Brazil right now and my dad lives 40 minutes away from where I live with my mom. I also have a boyfriend that I see on weekends and I've been with him for two years. I have a brother too who works for Tesla in California and he has a model 3 Tesla, and my dad has a model X Tesla. My brother doesnt get any discounts for his car though even as he works for them. He did meet Elon Musk once. My dad is actually bisexual and divorced my mom because he has a male partner now. Im still in high school finishing my last year but I'm not into school at all and Im happy that because of covid I dont have to physically go to school except for once a week. Even our prom got posponed but I dont think I'll be going to that either. I'd rather be working or hanging with my boyfriend or family. I wanted to try a porno video now that I turned 18 and all of them want me to have sex with other guys on the videos but I dont want that and my boyfriend wouldnt like it too. So the website Im shooting for now doesnt have guy stuff and I really like to masturbate and cum so this site was for me. I also wanted to have normal pics to show my mom so she didnt think I was dong adult modeling. So the pretty red dress clothes and normal clothes make it look like its normal modeling for me. I also quit my regular job working as a barrista at a bakery store so the money I make from this shoot helps. My boss there was very mean and always put me down so after 4 months working there Im happy to be off. My boyfriend works construction and he supports himself but one day I want to move in with him and be self-made. [banner] [gallery ids="10620,10621,10622,10623,10624,10625,10626,10627,10628,10629,10630,10631,10632,10633,10634,10635,10636,10637"]


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