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Stephanie’s comments about her shoot:

Hey all you pervs, Stephanie Gwen here. I’m super new too modeling but so far I’m loving it. I went to college at a super young age and majored in nursing just really love taking care of people its kind of of my thing. Don’t let the fa├žade fool you, I promise I’m a super sweet girl. I still plan on pursing my degree but for the time being I plan on living in the moment and modeling. Hey if you could do it you would too. Who knows where this path will take me. I grew up around cowboys and country music. However I have found myself embracing my inner Cali girl recently. I love the waves, kickbacks, bonfires. I’m more Venice beach then the Hollywood hills. I Love working on cars, going to the beach, and off-roading. Just as any 19 year old, I also Iove partying. I definitely never saw myself modeling 3 years ago but since starting I could never go back

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