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Olivia’s comments about her shoot:

i have always been vertically gifted, but this is one industry i had not seen my height being an asset in. Growing up I was always super tall, even taller than my teachers once i reached a certain age. Already a full 6 ft tall by 9th grade (14yrs) I was teased by boys who literally told me id never have a boyfriend because im “too big”. Now, as an adult, i am slowly coming to love my height

One thing that helped me tremendously was actually spending time abroad in Asia, where I was a literal giant. I used to hate going outside because everyone alawys stared at me or took photos. I always hit my head on things like doorways, low hanging bracnhes, signs, etc. Nothing there was built with people my height in mind. It really placed me out of my comfort zone and forced me to come to terms with my heigh. It bothered me for a bit, but got over it pretty quick following that initial shock. Now, after recently moving back to the US, i am finding that it is not as much of a curse as I thought it was growing up.

I am constantly asked if I model, but agencies have always told me im too tall for their clothing. So now I figured Id try ‘adult’ modeling instead, where clothing isnt much of an issue. Plus, height doesnt matter much when youre laying down 🙂

Aside from being freakishly tall, I like to stay active and travel. I enjoy working out, and actually really want to start playing basketball again, just for fun. I grew up spending a most my time outdoors and find a lot of peace and comfort in nature. After spending considerable time in Tokyo, however, I’ve come to realise that I love cities more. I really like being around so many different people, never running out of new things to do and try. Id really love to explore more global cities as well as the natural world. Id say that traveling all around the world is definitaly one of my life-long asipirations.

I like fantasy books and movies, like The Wheel of Time and stuff like that. I dont have much time to read anymore, so I like listening to audiobooks instead. Ive always wanted to do like a fantasy elf cosplay of somekind, kind of like the elves from LOTR. I love that kind of stuff and would absolutley love to live in a world like the ones in books. I used to play fantasy card games as a teenager, like Magic the Gathering and video games. Guys would of course tease me for that too, but oh well

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