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Vanna’s comments about her shoot:

Hello sexy people. My name is Vanna. I was born and raised in Miami Florida, the sexiest city in the US, and I am nineteen years old. Before I got into the world of adult films, I was a former ballet dancer of 8 years. I went to a performing and visual arts high school where I spent half of my day learning regular school subjects, and the other half of my day studing classical ballet and modern dance. I always loved dancing ballet, but I knew from a very early age that I was a very sexual person. I had always wondered what it would be like to dance naked in tall high heels as opposed to tutu’s and pointe shoes. It was a fantasy of mine that I always kept secret until after I graduted high school. Two months after I turned eighteen, I decided I wanted to experience for myself the fantasy that was always on my mind, so I went to the best nude strip club in Miami and I fell in love instantly. I absolutly loved the feeling of dancing nude on stage while adoring men showered me in money. The best part was meeting so many intersting and cool people from all walks of life. I quickly realized that dancing as an exotic dancer was making me much more money than I would ever make dancing for a ballet company. So I abandoned ballet, and became a full time exotic dancer. after a few months of dancing, I saved up a lot of money and decided to move to the united kingdom to live with my family over. I have been living there for the past year, but i have found it to be very boring and dreary. so now i am moving to los angeles to fully pursue a carrer as an adult film actress.

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