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Madison’s comments about her shoot:

Hello im madison. I enjoy listening to music. Also hanging out with friends and having partys and going to raves. I love the out doors anything that has to do with outside. Im down. Also i enjoy traveling. One day I want to travel around the whole world. Im lesbian. Im a very horny person, but my sexual side takes a bit to come out but when it does its intence. Normally poeple cant keep up once they fully seen that side of me. And only certain people have seen that side of me. Im really shy and awlward at first just gotta be brought out of my shell. But i can be a lot of fun thats for sure(; My favorite colors blue. Im from utah. I just had my birthday and i turned 22. Im in the process of getting my GED. My favorite animal is my dog hes my whole world. My favorite food is cheese and noodles. Im going to be going to school starting in may. Im going to be a social worker. Also im going to eventually open my own daycare on the side of me being a social worker. I want to eventually in life move to europe and start a life there. I just want to see the world. Im an adventurer. I dont like to stay in one place for to long. I get bored of the same things everyday definetly like to which things up. Change is definetly a good thing too. The reason i love girls is just because girls just know what girls want. Girls just know how to touch each other. And normally in my opinion girls can make each other cum harder then they ever have by just using there tongues or even when you just use your tongue. When i fuck my girlfriends or if its just a friends with benefits even making love. I really enjoy being dom and fucking them with a strap on and i gerentee that i can fuck or make love to a girl better then shes ever gotten it from my strap on. I make girls go wild. Thats my favorite part tho i get moe turned on form the fact that there so turned on especially using a vibrator and fucking them at the same time makes them go nuts. Im the biggest tease too ill just keep teasing and teasing till theyre begging me to fuck them. I also like to do bondage stuff. I can be really kinky and rough to being really subbmissive and gentle and more making love. It all just depends on the type of mood im in. But yeeah girls are something else theyre definetly eye candy to me.

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