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Taylor’s comments about her shoot:

Hey you pervs my name is Taylor Blake! I was raised in South Carolina for 17 years, I guess you could say I am a country girl who isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty. Hehe. I really love bunnies and dragons those are my favorite animals in the whole world! The colors Blue, Purple, and Green are my favorite. Traveling with friends and going to festivals are my get away outlets. Art is a major thing in my life when I am going through stuff, I put my feelings into it. It helps me express myself better. I also like to be silly and loud at times. That’s just my personality you know. I like to stay active and exercise. I enjoying hiking and going to the gym. Shoes, Jewelry, and Skating are my obsessions! Love you guys! Here is my social media! Twitter MissCarolina421 Instagram keeptaylorblake.420

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