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Emma’s comments about her shoot:

hey guys my name is Emma.

im 27 years old and this is my first time shooting, i hope you enjoyed as much as i did.

I love being free and open with my body and sexuality, along with watching people look at me. I like portraying myself as innocent, then surprising people with my true self.

I hope to one day own several air bnbs along with other real estate in my home state, TX.

One of my favorite things to do is make people smile and share love.

I live by “it costs nothing to be nice to people.” Some may classify me as a “foodie” i enjoy traveling from place to place indulging in the food that different places suggest or are known for. Traveling is new to me but I am always up for something new and refreshing.

I am an advocate for animals, i rescue and rehome animals. when i was young i swore i would be a vetenarian (hehe) close.

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