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Natasha’s comments about her shoot:

I thought I’d bring my own style to the table with a retro look the mini and boots and all. I used to dance at clubs and most of my outfits were like these. Guys do love them this way since most of my clients were in their 50s or older, best paying too. I hope you liked the dancing videos I did, and I remember the next day my legs were sore from doing it all and walking around in heels so much. Once again I loved the photos on the second day and made one of the dragon lady pictures my profile on my cell. I’m not a big fan of anal but I did it for the video, but I love fucking the normal way. Its pretty amazing the things we got away with around town, somehow the photographer finds places where just at that time there’s not enough people around to notice. Or maybe they would think we’re just doing regular modeling, nothing adult to have them get alarmed by it. I asked if models do come back to shoot a second time, and he said yes, if they are popular enough. Well, I hope I will be popular enough then because I would like to come back.

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