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Photographer’s comments about Percy’s shoot:

Hi fellas! Lia here! Percy is so bubbly and very sweet. She is very much a pleaser. She is so young with the most amazingly ginormous natural boobs. All at the ripe age of 19 years old. So right from the start of our day, when we returned from taken photos on location my first main focus was on her breast. We lather them up and being to start her first masturbation scene. I could tell she was super nervous and all she wanted was to do a great job for me. But being on camera at 19 and producing organic climaxes is not easy for every girl. Especially when it is their very first time doing so. So after talking to her after her first set. I decided to pay all my attention to the video in hopes to capture this very first for all of you. I gave her every toy, dildo, wand, and vegetable I had. In hopes to archive this goal. This is the result. So not as many photos but it is super fun to watch her try on video.

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