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Hayley’s comments about her shoot:

Hi, I’m Haley and I’m honestly a bit of a nerd. I love anime, video games, and star wars. My favorite anime include Death Note, Darling in the FRANXX, Chobits, and No Game No Life. As for video games, I really enjoy Overwatch, Cyberpunk2077, Rocket League and a variety of Spiderman games. I also like to lift weights and practice yoga, and travel. So far my favorite place to travel to is Colorado, specifically in the winter time to ski and see the mountains. But I absolutely can’t wait to travel abroad and see places like Japan, and Indonesia. I’m also a vegetarian, but I try to eat vegan when I can! There is an obvious pattern here, which is that I enjoy living an active lifestyle! But in my free time, I love to nerd out and game. My twitter is @HaleySpades and my instagram is @Haleyspadesx

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