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Mira’s comments about her shoot:

Hi, I’m Mira, I’m 20, five feet and petite! I like being petite and even though Olivia who is my close friend is like twice my height I prefer to be not noticed. I wear very normal casual clothes and when my hair is in braids most people think I’m 15 or something. That way I don’t get bugged by guys especially perverted older ones. This shoot was the perfect excuse for me to leave my boyfriend who just seems to get worse and worse of a person and my parents arent much help. For a while I stayed with my sister, then grandma, but my boyfriend would make a mess of things. Anyway, I’m a very sexual person and maybe too submissive where someone like him would take advantage. I researched ftvgirls and did bring things and bought new clothes that I thought would fit and I liked how things turned out. I couldnt believe I could do those big toys the way I did and the white vibrator is the most amazing thing I’ve ever tried.

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