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Lilith’s comments about her shoot:

Heyyy guyssss! I’m Lilith!!! And yes, I named myself after the demon, but don’t worry I won’t bite!! I grew up super Christian and wanted to be rebellious to piss my mom off…so I started porn and now I am living my best life!!! I love wearing pinkkk, and I am sorta constantly horny hehe. Oh, and guess whattt?! I sing and write songs!! I am actually working on a new song called “Barbie”, I am soooo excited!! Oh and I really want a little black kitten with a pink collar!! In fact I want a pink collar too. Matching leash of course. That would be so beyond cute!! Just like me! I am ready to explore the world and everything it has to offer me. I love being naked and having fun, I think you will like me 🙂

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