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Olivia’s comments about her shoot:

i was so excited to come back and when the photographer dropbox the photos from the last shoot i saw what he meant about me being poutyfaced so i saw why smiling is good. i never thought how amazing the pictures would turn out and this time i was really ready to try everything. Everything turned out to be really fun and i don’t just mean the cumming but all the things we did together on camera nd off camera. By the time i was done that day i was really sore! i even tried anal for my first time and it wasnt as bad as i thought. i brought my own dress and he contributed some too and bought me some heels to try which believe it or not ive never worn in my life. i’ve never had to. i also had fun playing basketball its been a whiel and some real good sex for once. the pee part was the most difficult part! my bladder was full and i’m about to burst but something happens when the camera turns on even when hes not there. So i have a friend who wants to also shoot and i think it would be great if she started with this website. She’s open to hooking up with me so maybe we can do our first lesbian shoot together? She’s only five feet tall so that would be different!

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