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Athena’s comments about her shoot:

Well, I was born in the Carolinas, but I was adopted to a family of nine. I know my birth mom but she’s nothing special and I’ve been mostly independent especially since eighteen. I started working as a dancer in clubs and made money that way. Met a rich guy who had crazy fetishes and then moved to Monterrey where I work for a famous actor now running his home gym. My dad also lives near there in Salinas where he does wraps and designs on cars. So I did model a lot for car guys whenever theres the events in July and August. I’ve traveled a lot going to Europe and Mexico, and I don’t have a boyfriend right now. The last three cheated on me and so now that I want to try out porno films I don’t think I need a boyfriend anyway. They get controlling and don’t like it when I dance at clubs. I never cheated on them though but I know its just in the guys natures to do it. I like fucking and masturbating both several times a week. I’ve experimented with women just a little bit but I’ve had a threesome with two guys. I’m not sure if I have that lesbian in me. I just like dick and cumming from fucking. Girls have issues anyways too much drama. I think I’m more level-headed than most of them. I also don’t like tattoos on my body and I prefer men without tattoos too. I think tattoos look like scribbles all over and distracts from the rest of you.

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