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Sierra’s comments about her shoot:

Thanks for voting me back. I drove from Utah to shoot and stayed at an airbnb while meeting friends in town and it was the perfect excuse to do another video. Yeah my baby Renaldo who is ten years old travels with me wherever I go. He recognizes me as his mom and is perfectly comfortable basking in the sun when I’m traveling. I feed him fruit and crickets, and give him some baths when I’m at a hotel or at my mom’s home. I also came to shoot because I wanted somethingbut the photographer plays hard to get. Whatever, he’s missing out. I wanted to get one of those magicwand back massagers but the good ones like the one he has is very expensive like $140. So I have a small vibrator I use sometimes to get off if my pussy is pulsating and wants it now. I’ve done it in the car before. But the truth is I haven’t had much sex in a while an the only guy I have with is just a friends with benefits kind of arrangement. I don’t know if I want to have a boyfriend anytime soon. I like my freedom xoxxo

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