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Mazzy’s comments about her shoot:

I hit puberty when I was about halfway through 16, literally a week or so before I lost my viginity. That boyfriend was very large and at one point in our relationship I could fist myself because of that. I also had an assortment of toys that I would put in my ass and vag at the same time, but I never thought anything of it, it just felt amazing.

I guess I never realized that other girls didn’t masterbate 3 times or more a day, watch porn and generally enjoy vaginal and anal sex.

I just thought that since I do, most ladies did. THAT’S probably why I drove my boyfriends crazy! At 18 I had a boyfriend that was super into extreme porn and he would get off to me peeing on him, extreme anal and oral. I also really like girls. It was a shocker to me when I ate out my first girl and she turned crazy on me, must have been really good.

One thing about me is that I don’t tolerate being hit. Mostly because when I am hit, I black out or as I call it, the red zone. I don’t remember anything but I’ve been told that I get very aggresive.

After a relationship is over for me, its DONE done. I end relationships for good reasons so there is definitely no point in lookin back.

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