Mazzy Part 4

Mazzy’s comments about her shoot: I hit puberty when I was about halfway through 16, literally a week or so before I lost my viginity. That boyfriend was very large and at one point in our relationship I could fist myself because of that. I also had an assortment of toys that I would put in my ass and vag at the same time, but I never thought anything of […]



Mazzy’s comments about her shoot: Hey guys its Mazzy! I was born in Utah from a pretty decent sized religious family. Theres 8 of us, and I’m number 4/6. I love anything outdoors but especially backpacking, camping, off-road driving and watersports– pretty much anything that gets adrenaline pumping through me. I also grew up loving cars. Every school report was done on cars. My parents potty trained me with Hot […]