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Scarlet’s comments about her shoot:

Hi, I come from Chicago, I lived there all my life. Not in a good neighborhood but with my single mom who pushed me to finish my high school before I decide to move out or do something I want to do. I’m 3/4 black but I’m really not exactly sure, just that I’m more light skinned thats all. I did a lot of fashion modeling gigs from 15 thru 18 but they don’t really pay very much and the people running the businesses creep me out. People keep talking about the me too movement and sexual harassment in the acting world but nobody speaks up about the things that happen in the fashion modeling industry. I think its a lot worse, and really bad in Europe. Anyway, I wanted to do porn because it would pay better and I think I have a nice look without the tats and I like sex including masturbating. My talent agent for adult felt it was best if I start with Ftvgirls and get a nice portfolio thru them before starting my adult modeling carreer. So here I am and I liked the experience, especially getting paid to have orgasms. Just one shoot with Ftvgirls was more than I get paid for my modeling in a month and in many ways its a lot easier. The photographer was easy to work with and not judgemental.

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