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Mandy’s comments about her shoot:

I did this shoot because of a dare from my boyfriend. I’m not anyone who has tried the adult world not even webcamming or artistic nudes. I come from a small town in Missouri, and lived with my mom until recently when I turned eighteen and moved in with my boyfriend. We wanted to go to california because he is a musician and wanted to try his luck there. Thats when he dared me to try porn but only softcore. It led me to ftvgirls which has the nice pictures and everyone knows that if you want a good start in softcore its the way to go. I masturbate a lot if I’m not having sex which is a lot too and all I need is stimulation on my clit. I can also cum with my boyfriend’s tongue. I lost my virginity at fifteen and it was a really large dick that I started with so it sort of tore me from the start. The dildo I used is a bit longer and thicker but it reminded me of that first boyfriend. I’ve brought a lot of clothes with me and I’m hoping the photographer likes what I have but I did forget to bring my hot heels so I hope he’s not dissapointed in me. I think I’m cute and that’s why I’m trying out for this but I would really like to do playboy or straight up modeling but I know for playboy they want bigger boobs and modeling they want you super skinny.

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