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Avery’s comments about her shoot:

I come from a small town in Ohio (not going to tell u which one!) and I really havent travelled anywhere interesting in my life. I really wanted to get out there, and this kind of job seems super interesting to me and Im willing to take that plunge. Ive told my mom and dad about it and theyre accepting it (I was deciding on this for weeks before I said Ill go for real). My mom gave me a cross necklace which Ive been wearing on my trip and its on my shoot too. I was working as a nurses’ assistant making 13 dollars and hour and its a really tough job. I quit that job but Im going to be saving up so I can afford to go to esthetician school which costs $14000 at least. I am very excited and I can tell u that my experience with ftvgirls was amazing and more fun than I could have ever thought. The vibrators were totally a new thing for me and I love them. I dont know if I could go back to just my fingers now. The photographer is hot and he fucks so well so we did it many times. I havent had sex in 2 months since I broke up with my boyfriend because guys in Ohio all suck. Sorry if I offend any1 in Ohio that way. Just not many good sexual experiences and I lost my virginity at 13 so I can tell you thats the case. I had only slept with 5 guys though and this two days I was shooting made it my 6th. I also loved the pictures from the mountain ones to the dressed up ones. Theres quite a few I can send to my family and it wont be offensive to them so I can show them how classy the stuff is. Thanks again and bye for now!

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