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Mabel’s comments about her shoot:

I’m mostly doing this because I want to bring exposure to my webcam, a lot of my fans say that shooting with FTV will bring me more interested people because its the largest softcore site. I also wanted to do it because it has some nice photography. I just hate flying though its a real phobia and I was crying most of the way. Its embarrassing but nobody seem to notice or ask why I was crying. I had to stop at a store and get eye drops so my eyes wouldnt be red for the shoot. I like masturbating but I was nervous doing it in front of someone. Its different when its in front of a screen. Mmm so about me, I was in foster care since I was 8. I moved from one foster home to another in Texas but I didnt mind it. Sometimes I would have four or five roomates at a time. They were very strict though about meeting the opposite sex so we had to sneek out when we could which wasnt easy when you have to be escorted by adults all the time. We would fool around but I actually didnt lose my virginity until I was 18. I thought it was something very precious you shouldn’t just give up until you’re really in love. But once I had sex I realized its not really a big deal and its very enjoyable. But I masturbated a lot earlier and porn is something I like to watch on my phone. Its funny to think that I will be on porn now where other people will be watching me on the phone. I did a lot more on this shoot than I do on my webcam because its mostly foot fetish, shower scene and strip dance videos I do on webcam.

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