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Photographer’s comments about her shoot:

No doubt, this girl would look hot at a gym, with her hair tied back showing off that pretty face, in yoga pants… doing those sexy flexible acts. And so she does, drawing guys’ attention, and even demonstrates her strength (she does pullups without support). As horny as she is, she ends up fingering and masturbating, and showing off that butt. Quite irresistable. She also continues outdoors (its a pretty hot day, so why not get naked?) and attempts to pee again, but too pee-shy. That of course, gets her bladder quite full, so when she’s introduced to the Vibraking, and ends up having a strong orgasm, she also ends up squirting so much, it really flooded the floor. It also ended up all over me. Its the heaviest squirting she’s ever done in her life. I then give her the Big Ten Toy to try out, starting with a blowjob, but I didn’t expect that sort of intensity on a blowjob with a dildo! First riding it on the counter, she gets as deep as she can go, then more comfy on the chair, pounding herself and bottoming out with it. My suggestion: To use it while applying the Vibraking, and guess what? She ends up with one of the strongest orgasms of her life. Notice how strong those contractions were. She doesn’t like anal play, but fingers herself once in a while, so we get some butt fingering and butt spreads.

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