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Indica’s comments about her shoot:

I come to this shoot knowing well that I will be seen by a lot of people. I like the thought of that, and I want to do a lot more porn while I still can when I’m pregnant. I’m due on September 14th, but that could change. I have a boyfriend and he is very comfortable with me entering the porn world, I still love him and he’s the father of my child. We aren’t married and not planning to any time soon. I’m too young for that right now. I’m a lot hornier as I get close to my term so I’m excited to get paid to masturbate and fuck on camera. I like my clit and dicks equally and if I could have my way I’d be fucking several times a day. I think I’m good looking and my best features are my eyes. Even though I hope to make good money doing porn, I’m also still working at a restaurant and my boyfriend does too. The money I make will go to all the expenses coming when I give birth to my baby boy.

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