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Cara’s comments about her shoot:

Its a crazy story but I’m here doing this website because my boyfriend who likes to watch me masturbate wanted me to shoot for it. Sometimes when he’s out of town we face time and I masturbate for him but we have sex of course when we’re together. He’s had all kinds of fetishes and I see how he thinks this website would be fitting since its all about different fetishes. One was the cucumber thing, anal stuff and another was the foot fetish thing. I’m happy to do it especially since I made more money on this shoot than I did all last month on my regular hourly job. I’m from Colorado, and I still live with my parents. I’m actually the youngest of 3, both my sisters are older and I’m 10 years apart from my next oldest. I found the shoot a lot of fun even though its hellish hot in Arizona and I liked having all the orgasms and trying out different things. I look back and totally should have brought more clothes with me but maybe if I come back I would bring more clothes and shoes. My parents think I’m visiting a friend here in AZ for the weekend but I don’t think they would find out about this. I’d like to do more for sure.

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