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Photographer’s comments about Joey & Sami’s shoot:

The girls are real life twins; they’ve been doing webcam and stripping where they live in Florida for the past year. I met them at the airport, and decided to do an intro shoot at a light rail station nearby. However, before anything could get off the ground (besides a few photos) two officers showed up concerned that I was sex trafficking these two girls (apparently someone complained to the police when they saw me with them). One of those days… I wonder who would be stupid enough to sex traffic girls in the open, in front of tons of security camera, and linger around the train station taking photos? CLIP7 has a bit of what happened in that incident. Anyway, the shoot continued indoors at the bedroom, where the girls introduce themselves and strip down to masturbate. They both get really milky/creamy on orgasm, and both are naturally orgasmic.

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