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Jayme’s comments about her shoot:

Hello to all reading this, my name is Jayme Rae. My birthday is on May 25 ,2000 , so i just turned 19. I was born in santa rosa, california but i grew up in the foothills about an hour north of sacramento.The area i grew up in consists of a few small towns surrounded by trees and mountains. So I guess you could call me a mountain girl because outside is where i feel most at peace. I love spending my time hiking and exploring new places. I love having sex outside, bet you saw that coming? It is so exciting and sexy getting freaky in new places. With that being said i am a very experiemental person and I am always openminded to trying things I havent done before. One of my favorite parts about working in the porn industry is all the fun stuff i get to try out doing. For example today i got to try to fist myself which i have never tried out before. I think it is so fun and sexy to make myself totally vulnerable for people to watch. It gives me so much satisfaction in knowing that me pleasuribng myself, pleasures other people. I would love to use the money i make in porn to help pay for nursing school, i would like to one day work with older people doing in home care. I grew up in the care of my grandparents so i have a lot of respect for older people and i think it would be so special tocare for people who once took care of us. (younger generation) A hobby of mine that i would like to continue to pursue is my artwork. I love drawing with pens and i also really like painting. I think i picked up this hobby from my grandfather who was an artist. He spent a lot of time in the art studio and growing up i was always on his hip so i really learned a lot. My favorite medium to use when i pain would be acrilic paint. I like acirlyic paint because the colors are so vibrant and i love that. Im drawn to anything thats bold so porn is a perfect step up for me. I am just at the start of my career and i am so excited to see where it brings me. What i am also looking forward to is shooting a scene with my friend gabbie carter! We are gonna do a shoot for ftv girls here in a few weeks and that makes me so happy because she is the one who brought me into the industry practically. We were friends before porn which makes the senerio of shooting a scene with her even more exciting for me because we are already so close so it will be naturally lots of fun. Anyways i really hope you all enjoy this update as much as i do and i cant wait to come back for more pleasureable fun!! Yours truely, Jayme rae. MUAH!!!

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