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Photographer’s comments about Angel’s shoot:

ood to see her back again; she returned for some obvious reasons, and it looks like she had a lot of fun on these two days of shooting, though she definitely wore herself out by the end. She’s a very very sexual girl, and yeah, she does look older, but believe me she’s 18. I told her the bangs make her look more mature, but she likes looking older (as most 18 year olds do want to look like they are in their 20s). She’s a total free spirit, and loves having casual sex, traveling and even going topless as much as she can, in all sorts of public places. According to her, she can go topless in her hometown of Austin, not sure about that being true though. She’s got a very nice, positive personality, full of smiles and laughter, and she sure brings it out on camera. No doubt she’s a natural for adult, if she continues with it. The first clip has her introduced, right out of the airport, and she’s all about expressing herself of course; then we get to the more sexy outfits on the second clip. The combo of the white seethrough crop top, short shorts and sexy heels makes her incredibly irresistable. Then its all about penetration, squirting, and strong orgasms, mixed with dancing, breast massage and foot fetish. Clip 10 is some extras/outtakes, and a little more ‘interactive’ if you know what I mean, so you can understand the chemistry behind the scenes.

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