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Tristan’s comments about her shoot:

Hey guys, It’s Tristan Taylor! I’m 18 and just recently graduated high school. I’m from the South East so I love the sunny weather. I’m a September baby, which means I’m a Virgo!! When I was in high school I spent almost all of my time dancing and performing on stage! Ever since I was little, I’ve been obsessed with nature and the world. My dream is to travel and see everything this beautiful planet has painted out for us! My top dream vacation would probably be a trip to Bora Bora! I love, love, love video games! Anytime I go to a friend’s house we always play Xbox for hours and hours, it’s so much fun!! I am absolutely in love with animals! My dream job when I was younger was to be a zoologist or any type of veterinarian. My favorite animals are Elephants, Sea Turtles and Pandas! My favorite flowers are Sunflowers and blue Orchids! On my free time, aside from playing video games and sleeping; I love to watch movies and binge TV shows! I think my all time favorite movies are Dirty Dancing and Coyote Ugly. My favorite show of all time is American Horror story. Occasionally, the inner baby in me comes out and I’ll binge my childhood favorites, like the Barbie movies or Strawberry Shortcake! I’ve only been working in the industry for about a month and I love it! It gives me so many opportunities and there is so much I can do with it! I’m so excited to see how far I’ll go and all the things I will learn everyday on the way!

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