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Cecilia’s comments about her shoot:

Hey there I am Cecilia Lion. Born in the Midwest, but raised in the southwest! Growing up I was surprisingly very quiet and shy. It wasn’t until Middle School I got out of my shell. I participated in cheerleading from 7th-10th grade. I love flying high in the air, its so much fun! I have a major sweet tooth and love pretty much all the candies in the world! My favorite genre of music to listen to would be ANYTHING BUT Country! I’d rather listen to Heavy Metal. Besides the hair, I am as low maintenance as they come when it comes to women! I love to dance around, be silly and always have a good time laughing and talking with my friends and fans. One day in life I would love to travel all over the world! Either by myself, or with the perfect best friend. I love to cook and clean! I’d be a great house wife! My favorite dish to cook is anything with pasta. YUM! My dream place to live would be either Amsterdam or Greece! I just think those are the two prettiest countries that I’ve seen in pictures. If you’d like to follow my social media, my Twitter handle is @officialcclionx. There you can find all my links to connect with me more on a personal level! I love to create deeper connections with my fans.

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