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Photographer’s comments about Syara’s shoot:

She was flying in from Detroit, and she works at a fast food joint. From the start, she would tell me that she loved big penises and fucking, so I hoped that she would be able to do big toys. On the downside, she was very awkward everytime the camera turned on, nor could she take instruction properly, so without me talking to her every five seconds, she would stiffen up. I even told her that I shouldn’t be talking this much, as she needs to be doing the talking and ‘flowing’ with the camera, but it wasn’t going to happen. She masturbates with her fingers, having a squirting orgasm, but I think at the end there she doesn’t like the squirting (she is uncomfortable with the fact that she gets wet down there, doesn’t like her how juices). Straight to the biggest new toy I got, the FTV Blue Titan, which she takes the head in, then an attempted fist. So I picked a large vibrating dildo, which is about Big Ten Toy sized, and let her fuck herself with it. She did enjoy that quite a bit, and got squirting wet again. A second camera angle gets the views as well on clip7, but not the orgasm. Notice her long labia and prominent clit, which makes for good closeup video for those of you who like long labia and stretching/playing with them. She’s also a natural gaper, with good views of her vagina as she spreads & opens herself up. The theme continues in the bathroom, where she does more gaping, then uses a ‘gape cone’ and takes the whole thing down to the base. As petite as she is, she definitely can take big & long. That leads to a Big Ten Toy ride, her taking it down 9 inches, and her wanting to masturbate again, squirting on the counter, but getting awkward when she gets it on herself. So cooling down and ‘cleaning’ up in the pool, I make it another quick shoot where she stretches and plays with her long labia.

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