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Octavia’s comments about her shoot:

hey, this is Octavia. I am a 24 california adventurer I have lived in a couple other state such as arizona and oregon but you just cant take the cali out of the girl, i always long for that california sun and the beautiful beach views. There is nothing like writing poetry or painting in the forests of california. i love the arts. Of all kinds, performing arts in particular as you can probably tell. There were times I imagined myself playing the piano on a cruise ship for someones fancy dinner party. Small time girl with big time dreams. And severe ADD, which is becoming more apparent as I type away. I’m sure. Its hard for me too keep my mind on track. There are just so many things to find interesting and be distracted by. My biggest downfall will be my need to see, touch, and understand everything. So no museum dates for me. It is also a blessing cause my need to understand has been a huge help in my ability to connect with people and communicate with them. Because I have found that one of the biggest things that anyone wants in this world is to just simply be understood. And I love taking the time to understand. Understanding people, now to learning how the ins and outs of the porn industry work. Which has been an amazing experience, its helped boost my self esteem and I feel as if I understand my self a littles better. I loved how you focus on the vocal points of your body that most people shy away from showing or feeling good about.

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