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Octavia’s comments about her shoot:

So i’ve come back and I’m 25 years old now. I ended up having covid then strep throat and it was a terrible few months after February this year and I lost a lot of weight. I don’t think I lost much in my breasts though? I was working as a hostess at a casino but when I got sick I had to take time off, and they closed down anyway. I got the unemployment payments, but I really dont like free handouts. I’ve been brought up to work for my money but also being behind on payments I decided to take up porn and see how it goes. I like it, started with ftv back in january last year and ive gotten used to it. I enjoy the sex and the modeling I do. The ftv shoots make me look pretty and ive collected all the photos from this shoot and the previous one. The photographer told me to bring colorful clothes and i think this pink and blue really does it.

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