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Photographer’s comments about Numi’s shoot:

She isn’t shy about showing her figure off, and has been wanting to try adult for the longest time. Now that she’s started, she was set up by her adult talent agent to initiate with FTV, and she was as new as you get at the time. Her shoot required a lot of instruction and how to ‘flow’ with the camera, so you see her in an inexperienced, non-acting manner throughout. Some think she’s part black, or middle eastern, but her parents are actually from Bangladesh. There is a lot of her ‘discovering’ herself in this shoot, and in a sense, preparing for what is to come when she starts her porn career. Just getting used to the Big Ten Toy, as the dicks she might be fucking (especially interracial) she will have to adapt to. Notice how tight she is down there and how the Big Ten fills her up… and the way her tight pussy grips it.

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