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Maria’s comments about her shoot:

Hi, a little about me: My mom used to take me and my sister to modeling classes started when I was 4 years old, and I ended up in a lot of catalogs and things till I became a teenager. I’m close to my mom and I told her about what I’m going to be doing with porn and she supports me. I’m not just doing it to have fun or fuck but the money will help cover the mortgage to the house I’ve bought and pay my way through college before I enter nursing. But what really made me end up deciding to do this now was that I was engaged to the guy I lost my virginity to but he was cheating on me, so when I broke up with him I decided to do what I wanted and experience something very new and different. I’ve been set up with a good modeling agent for this and after this ftvgirls I’m going to go to Vegas and LA to do more. I’ve had anal before and big dicks so I think I can do it. Doing the big toys was a challenge but it does feel good when I use them right. I was a bit nervous about the public nudity stuff but I like the modeling pictures that came out of it. Thanks for watching and I hope you’ll follow my career.

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