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Natasha’s comments about her shoot:

Hi guys, I’m petite five foot tall thanks to my mom who original was from Vietnam. My dad is part Irish and Cherokee Indian. I think that’s where I get my cheekbones. But my best asset is my butt which I got from my mom. Didn’t you know Vietnamese women have nice asses? I’m from Orlando, Florida, but that’s just recently. I actually lived most of my life in Wisconsin. That’s how I know Scarlett who joined me on my trip here. I also lived in Chicago for a while but hated the weather. Why do you think I moved to Florida? I’ve been doing my own shoots for my onlyfans and I did webcamming too but this is my first real adult site I’ve worked for. What drew me to it was the classy way the women are presented. With the photographer’s guidance I brought things I felt would compliment his style. I was happy that he liked my choices. Yeah, I really enjoyed how the photos turned out and that he let me use/post some of them before my update launch. I have a magicwand at home too and I used it on the daily, I enjoy having orgasms especially when I don’t have a serious boyfriend right now. The dildo took some getting used to but it did feel good having the fucking in my control while I used the wand. I also had never done a pee video before and wasn’t sure if I would be comfortable with it but I did it anyway. Wasn’t so bad after all.

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