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Photographer’s comments about Michelle’s shoot:

On the second day of shooting, the day was even hotter than the last; 114 degrees, so we kept the on-location shooting to a minimum, but still got a lot as long as we weren’t in direct sun. She also has light skin, and can get sunburned easily; she’s not used to the heat/sun when she’s from Seattle. The pink dress is really cute, combined with the yellow wedges, brings a lot of colors to the intro. With teasers and upskirt, she goes home to use her new favorite vibrator, the Magic Wand. After using it the day before, she’s come to really like it, making it preferred over the ‘suction cup’ vibrator. Of course, she comes to a strong orgasm with visible vaginal contractions, and gets pretty wet from it too. Getting 2-3 fingers inside her, notice how juicy she is. We then go for a lunch break, get teasers there (and what she’s wearing is pretty much what she’s used to, and never really bothers with bras). She wanted ice cream too, so we made a ‘scene’ out of it, along with a trip to the grocery store to get some veggies. At home, its all about her showing off her brand new white lingerie that she wanted to model, and it seemed best to get the foot fetish scene there; she has some really pretty, petite feet. She had never sucked her toes before! Then its all about the kinky penetration with the zucchini and the banana. Notice how tight her vagina holds the two phallic objects.

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