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Emily’s comments about her shoot:

My favorite color is yellow. I speak Norwegian. I like hiking, swimming and food. I love cats and have three. Their names are Allie, Max and Jason. I’m really good at cooking and rock paper scissors. I love to cook for family and friends. Food is my love language. My favorite foods are sweet and carbs. I have a college education in the STEM field. I love wine and going wine tasting- I prefer reds- my favorite is Barbera. I enjoy sunshine and love being at the beach. I like to lie in the sun like a lizard. My favorite beach in the world is in Tamuning, Guam. I’d be a career beach bum if the pay were better. I don’t have an appendix. I get really bad road rage and have a long history of speeding tickets but none of them were my fault. I once got a matching tattoo with a married man (he told me he was divorced, hope you enjoy actually being divorced, A.!). My twitter is @Emilyright3 instagram @emilyright8

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