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Lucie’s comments about her shoot:

My main goal in life is to be able to go back home with my head held high and with something to offer my community. There needs to be a better rehab center, clinic, water department, commmunity center, pretty much everything. Our people could benifit so much from just a little help it’s heartbreaking so many of us are on such hard times. And hard times can change people. Our Chairmen (chief) isn’t the best person, actually he’s kind of a rapist. No, not kind of, is. And things like that get brushed under the rug there and that is absolutely terrifing. I don’t feel like my cousins, our children are safe when we can’t even keep our sons and brothers in the light. One day though, there will be seminars on rape culture and on safe sex and drug use there. I want to do more with the tribal school and to intergrate more of our traditional beliefs and less of outside influence. I want the kids to be able to speak our native tongue without having to feel ashamed or scared that they may be punished. I want our children to be proud from where they came from and not lie about it, even I lived about where I was from so people wouldn’t know I was indigenous.

That’s really fucked up, feeling like I have to lie about my life like that in order to be accepted. But when high school rolled around, I’ve already been to too many funerals for someone of my age to have to experiense. I was a really big delinquent. I was this tiny little red haired buzzcut punk kid from the wrong small town; I wasn’t going to ever be accepted. And the faster I realized that the better. I stopped letting people get under my skin or make me feel inadequate. And When i finished high school my head rose much much higher, even with all the obsticalls I faced, almost dying, was homeless, an addict, I still did it, and without anyone there to support me for the majority of it. I’ve come far in my 18 years and I couldn’t be prouder of myself. I feel confidence now, I feel like it oozes out of my pores like it does my abelo. A man who has never been swayed by anything in his life, even if he hardly remembers my name he’s still a huge role model for me.

This shoot with FTVGirls was an experience. Rob was great and super nice and he’s super sexy. The moment he picked me up I liked how he spoke and carried himself. It turned me on and its been so many months since I’ve actually fucked around because I’ve been so busy at work. So he was at the right place at the right time and the right person. His dick is just the right size. He knows how to fuck well. When I masturbated I thought about fucking him. I’m sure that made it easier for me to cum. So yeah, I enjoyed my visit tremendously. I can’t even count how many times I fucked, had orgasms with those toys and everything else. Also Lia is fucking wizard. She gave me some of those blow up bear heads for my nieces and I just love her. Super hot too. Those hazel eyes, damn. When the sun hits them in some light they look like copper with little green flakes. I’m glad my frist experiense was a good one. I may be sore for a bit but this was definently a good trip and tiny vacation from my three jobs at home. I love the desert out here, it’s very beautiful, but I can’t help but love Vegas and my rez more. I like looking out at the city from afar and watching all the lights. It’s like a nights sky with a trillion stars, and each one is a different color.

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