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Kylie’s comments about her shoot:

Hi, my name is Kylie Rocket and I’m from south Florida. I grew up as an athlete in school, I did cheerleading, soccer and track. However soccer was my favorite sport because I like to run but I also like to compete for a goal, it’s a fast moving game, which I love because im a super energetic person. I moved out of my house so I can become independent and ever since I did that, I learned how to become a strong independent women. I like to cook at home and watch TV in my free time, I never went to college because I did not think it was for me, and I still think that. I always knew I would be successful in whatever I do, I always had a business mindset and to own or create a business you really do not need to go to college. I have 1 dog that I take everywhere with me, she is my fur baby, and we love to go to the beach, go on runs, and even eat ice cream together. I have 3 other sisters and I am the middle one out of all of them. I never grew up with a brother or my dad, so I was always surrounded by girls, even our dog back home was a girl. Because of this though, I did have a lot of guy friends, and I was considered a homie for a lot of them. My social media platforms are Instagram @kylie.rocket and I also use twitter @rocketkylie. My birthday is on the beginning of April and I love cheetah prints!!!

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