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Andi’s comments about her shoot

Hey viewers, I had a lot of fun today, and it was a lot more than I expected. Even though I researched the site and wanted to make my debut here, it was a lot more shooting than I thought it would be! But it was all fun, and I loved the photo and vid results. I have an onlyfans page but its small and homemade stuff so I hope this will bring more attention to my site. As you see, I’m a squirter and I like the feeling, but I like sex of all kinds. I like fucking and masturbating a lot but I’ve never exposed myself to the camera this much especially in public. Its a great feeling though and I had a great time of it. I was a late bloomer though and I lost my virginity at 18, but I never looked back. It was amazing from the start and after I got into anal and squirting I felt like I needed even more, and I tried bondage. Basically I like being manhandled and fucked hard as it feels incredible when I’m dominated. I have a boyfriend right now but he’s into swinging and me doing porn.

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