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Kara’s comments about her shoot:

Hey guys, its my first porn website I’m doing here and I first thought it was just going to be nude photos. Little did I know what I was getting myself into! Not complaining though I really enjoyed everything and I was amazed how nice the pictures turned out. I got to explore an area of myself I never have before. And I dont just mean orgasms or the squatting and peeing but the confidence it gave me in how I looked and how it really turned me on doing naughty things outside around other people. I traveled to phoenix from upstate NY, and I can tell you its really cold there and its so beautiful in arizona. And the weather!!! Thinking about how in mid-January it can be so nice. About my training. I work out 6 to 7 days a week, mostly gym and full body weight training and resistance exercises. I would like to do more cardio but I keep a low carb high protein diet, and I don’t really cheat. I’m Italian background and my parents live in NYC. By the way, when I masturbated with that big white vibrator it was the most orgasms I’ve had ever in such a short period of time. Four of them!

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