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Photographer’s comments about Kara’s second shoot:

On the second day of shooting, I wanted to really get a nice video of her in sporty wear, show off that athletic figure. She didnt have any real skimpy sportswear, but what she had that she works out with is definitely sexy enough. We actually went to a local gym to shoot there, but with covid and everything, they were being extra anal about having a guest work out there, especially visiting from New York. Annoying, because she would’ve made a really fun gym shoot. So we headed to a lakeside park, and shot there, got some really beautiful pictures, and fun teaser video mostly focused on her cameltoe and butt. When we went home, and as she was putting on more lingerie (she brought a lot with her, and loves it on her figure) she needed to pee again. I told her anytime she needs to go, lets record it. So she does in her partial lingerie, then introduces herself in the bra & panties, then we end up having a second pee session thirty minutes later! Pee fetish guys rejoice. I tried to get all the best views/angles/closeups. Pushing her limits, I have her try an even thicker dildo, which is definitely the biggest thing she’s ever had, but it does get her sore rather quickly. I’m surprised she’s never had any ‘big dicks’ in her life. She does some gaping to the best she can, after that dildo stretched her out a bit. More lingerie, this one even sexier than the last, for more sensual photos; then we move on to anal play. Yeah, she’s never really done anal before, and to warm her up, we do a finger penetration, then go for a butt plug. With that gorgeous butt, it is really erotic to see her penetrated there. Even better, is how strong her vaginal muscles are, and how she can ‘move’ the butt plug using her keigel exercises. Clip 7 is some outtakes, and clip 8 is a second view of her first masturbation video.

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