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Overview of Jynx’s shoot:

We first meet Jynx in the car on her way with the photographer Lia to buy a cucumber for later on during her shoot…we note how comfortable and open and charismatic she is, then back at the house she has changed into sexy white lingerie with a garter belt and thigh high fishnet stockings as she climbs onto the lip of the bathtub and spreads her legs, playing with a magic wand toy to stimulate her clitoris. We note how erect her small nipples become from the play, bringing herself to her first orgasm of the day. After some closeup video of clit isolation and ‘winking’ photoshoots it’s time for a little dancing to music she brought along, still without panties as she shakes her firm pert butt to the rhythm…after dancing we see her on the couch with the magic wand toy again, spreading her legs to push it tight against her clitoris as she masturbates her way, gasping and moaning as she brings herself to another strong leg-shaking orgasm! After a short rest she changes into her polka dot apron for a housewife type shoot, doing a little ironing and teasing with her cute white panties as she turns around, then slips her panties off to get on her knees and scrub the floors too. We see her run over to the garden and ‘pick’ a zucchini (already conveniently plastic-wrapped!) which she brings into the kitchen for some kinky fun! First we see her simulating oral with it, getting the vegetable good and wet before sliding it inside herself as she sits on a mirror, giving a unique perspective on the penetration…

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