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Charlotte’s comments about their shoot:

Hey hey hey, guess who’s back! Happy to return back to FTV yet again for another shoot, only this time I’m bringing my best friend’s girl with me, her name is Stella. My first year of high school, I met Stella’s boyfriend in the nurse’s office, we were faking sick hoping to get sent home to skip a test in a class we had together and ever since we hit it off, he became one of my closest friends. I spent every day kicking it with him, my neighbor and my three other guy friends, throughout high school, these were my main group of friends. We would all smuggle beer into my house and have boys nights there on the weekends all throughout high school. The summer heading into my junior year, I had went to Zac’s to meet up with our group of friends (keep in mind I was the only girl in the group friends, everybody had always considered me as one of the boys) When I walked in I had seen a girl sitting at the table with everyone. I was so confused because she wasn’t some usual piece of ass that I wouldn’t even rate a 6, she was one of those girls that was out all of my friend’s leagues. I seen all the boys hanging out pool deck with this new girl, I pulled zac inside and asked him who she was with and he said Alex. I couldn’t believe it, like this girl was a dime and alex was such a goon, I never thought he would be able to pull a heavily attractive girl. Although she was a little shy at first, she was really cool. She wasn’t one of those girlfriends who couldn’t stay off their phone and/or didn’t try to attempt an intellectual conversation. She started coming coming around more often, she never said much until one night, I had just got broken up after dating this guy for four years. It was 50 degrees out, mid-spring where I live, and zac had a party. I had showed up and rather than a party it was a kick back. It was extremely awkward because the boys invited all these random people, basically the party was a fucking dud and so I decided to spice it up to wake these stoner half drunk zombies up. I asked zac if I jumped in his pool, would he get me a towel. Everyone looked at me like I was crazy, I probably was considering how wild I was at 16. Everyone was freaking out, saying I wouldn’t do it but obviously I proved them wrong. I started to strip down out of my clothes, and as soon as I took my shirt off Stella spoke up for the first time and she goes, “WOAH HOLD UP DAMN CHARLOTTE YOU’RE HOT” instantly my confidence went up. I was always so insecure about my body especially in front of other people, hence why I always wore t-shirts and hoodies. Nobody was use to this side of me but Stella instantly approved.

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