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Jocelyn’s comments about her shoot:

Hello! I flew out from Tennessee to shoot with ftv girls! My natural hair color is actually a strawberry blonde color. I have always wanted to pursue modeling/nude modeling cause I just knew it was something I could be good at. I was bullied and picked on a lot in school so I dropped out of highschool and just got my GED. Let’s just say i sat around and played a lot of video games. I played on my xbox until I got my gaming pc. I got presteige master on call of duty black ops 2 twice on the xbox. I loved playing black ops 2 zombies with my friends and mastered that as well. I loved flirting with the guys on xbox and online dating that was fun for me for a while too. I then got one of my online boyfriends to buy me a gaming pc and my cousins helped me build it. I still have it and play on it for fun. It’s pink of course and I love to play Overwatch and League of Legends. My favorite charactors in Overwatch are Tracer and Reaper. My favorite Charactors in League of Legends is Ahri and Sona. I had found out about camming when i was very young and have wanted to pursue it ever since as well. So few months into being 18, I started as a cam model and did really well. Within 2 months I was able to move out of my dad’s house, i’m a daddy’s girl btw lol, and get a new Blue voltswagon beetle!. He was not too pleased lol. I spend most of my time thinking, working and shopping lol. So camming and nude modelling is something i’ve just always wanted to do. I also want to go to college of course why else would i have got my ged? I am hoping to get a nursing degree or study business and marketing. I like watching tv, anime, walking my dog and playing video games in my free time! I would say I am intelligent, sassy, dorky, awkward but an all around sweet person. I had a great time shooting with FTV girls!

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