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Alexandra’s comments about her shoot:

Hello, I’m new to all of this but I’m also very interested in trying it because I think it would be fun to explore myself and the young look people say is very popular on porn websites. I don’t like looking really young and it gets frustrating sometimes but maybe I can take advantage of it in this carreer. I left home at 16, and with my parent’s ok they helped sign me up to the army. It was a way out for me to escape the little town I lived in and find a way to have a job away from home. The army taught me discipline, and I became a vehicle operator driving trucks and humvees. I think the photographer was impressed that I was up and ready early in the morning without being groggy or grumpy. I’m definitely not lazy and I wanted to impress on my first shoot. The shoot was a lot of fun and the toothbrush vibrator thing was what I liked the most. When I felt like it was going to make me pee, I didn’t know that was squirting but it feels really good when I release myself. The dildo and banana was fun too especially since I havent had sex like in a while. I had a boyfriend, but things didnt go so well in the end and when I left to shoot this he sent me a pic of him and another girl who is his friend but I guess now they’re fucking. Thats fine, since I’ll be fucking other guys anyway. I’ve had sex with only 4 guys but I’m looking for #five!

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