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Viva’s comments about her shoot:

hello! hey! hi! this is Viva Athena, i go by Athena. Viva means “Long Live” in Spanish, so my name means “Long Live the Goddess of Wisdom”

i am originally from Hong Kong, my mom is filipina and my dad is Indian/Pakistani. i speak five languages, Cantonese, Chinese, Tagalog, Spanish, and this language i’m typing in haha.

i went to college for Graphic Design but i didn’t graduate, because i was already working from home and i was learning more from doing that. i also started camming at 18 on and off, i really enjoy being watched and doing naughty things in public. in my free time I like to read, play with my cats, and i’m OBSESSED with modular origami (look it up, it’s pretty!)

of all the places i’ve travelled to, the one that stood out the most was Iceland. i went there with my family and we did a road trip around the island. i was lucky to have had a TON of sleeping bag-tent-windy sex. it was a beautiful place and i recommend everyone to go!

in my shoot with FTV girls i discoved how i could fist myself, and have TWO glass toys in both my holes! definitely a shoot for me to remember!

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