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Violet’s comments about her shoot:

I am green if I were blue I would die. Not because I am a tree hugger.. although I am. Green is just the way to go! I am not a girly girl.. but I have manners. I love to dance, dancing is one way I relieve stress other than having sex. And who doesnt love to have sex. FOOD! I not only love to eat food… I love to COOK food! And bake… got to know how to bake. From cookies, to cakes, pies, I can even make ice cream. YUM! I dont play sports any more, but before when I was in school I was in Martial Arts, Hip Hip dance, Lyrical Dance, basketball, and Fast Pitch.

As a young girl I moved from Southern California To Washington state. It was a drastic change for me. I dont like the cold. I love the sun. Id rather be dripping in sweat than to cut class with my nipples. Living in Washington wasn’t the best thing for me as a child so I moved back to California with my father at age of 12. I still reside in California. I plan to travel and buy land in a different country some day. Be a farmer maybe… make my own alcohol.. ect. One of the best qualities I have is independence. No one will have my back better than me but me. No one will love me more than me. Call me crazy. Its ok. I am a lover before a figher. Yet I will fight when the time is right.

I am an aries. Aries are fire signs. We are blunt. Always center of attention even when we aren’t trying to be. I have a tendency not to care about what other people think nor say. I am a sucker for a man that can cook better than me and is a gentlemen. Those are very hard to find. Thats why I dont take the time to look. I also like girls. I have never had a relationship with a female, but I have had sex with females. A woman knows a woman best. 😉 Now lets talk about sex.

I love sex. With men and women. Even both at the same time. I have never had a threesome and I am dying to have one. It will happen sooner than later. Lets hope for sooner!!! My all time favorite position is doggy style. I like to have my face in the sheets looking back while I am being fucked. That turns me on.. watching someone else getting off to me staring them straight in the eye while they pound away. Pull my hair, spank me just dont leave me bruises and we are good. I am not a fan of anal, yet I will let someone stick a finger in if they lick it first. I mean lick it all.. head to toe. All over my toes. I know how to give foot jobs. I am really good at that. My number one favorite thing is to be told what to do. Tell me what you like, what you want.. it turns me on. Knowing you want me to do it for you because its what you desire from me.. and me giving it to you gets me off. Something I do not like is my nipples bitten. Bite me anywnere else but my nipples. I am sensitive. My skin is anyways. I’m a tough girl other than that. Enough of sex.

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