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Tyler’s comments about her shoot:

Hi my name is Tyler, im super shy and easy going. I am always full of smiles but am full of sass too. Being outdoors is where you will mostly see me. I have 3 cats and love all of them a lot. I have been born and raised in Arizona but have traveled to various places. The reason I am on camera is because I am way too shy for my own good. Its good to push your boundaries.. so that is exactly what I did. Meeting new people and getting to learn about them has always intrigued me. My special talent is painting, hence why I love being outdoors. Being able to see green everywhere and hearing the birds chirping motivates me to get creative on a canvas. My mind wanders in so many places so I feel that I should always be exploring new places and meeting new people.

Doing this film and shoot was very new to me, but i enjoyed every part of it. Being able to capture so many moments of me enjoying myself felt amazing and im glad I pushed my boundaries. My favorite part of the shoot was being outside and doing yoga. I did get a little sassy through bits and pieces but im glad that my photographer kept his patience and made me feel amazing about myself.

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